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What is an inbound Marketing System?What is an inbound Marketing System?What is an inbound marketing system?

An Inbound Marketing System is a comprehensive approach to effectively promoting any business or message in the Information Age. A typical IMS is comprised of Advertising Campaigns, Original Content, Tracking, and Automation. The goal is to generate leads and new business at the lowest possible cost. The range of campaigns, original content, and automations that can be implemented to create your IMS is limitless – it largely depends on your business model and industry – but the most common elements are Pay-Per-Click campaigns (AdWords, Bing), articles that are relevant to your customers, and some CRM automations that make life easy for your sales and marketing teams. SEO, CPC, Social Media, Website Development, and Analytics are essential to any successful IMS. 

Home Advisor and Angie’s List are examples of very large Inbound Marketing Systems – they effectively attract lead and sell them to companies. Leads from these platforms are expensive and non-exclusive, so most companies develop their own IMS to attract exclusive leads at a low cost. 

Why do you need one?

The real problem is information. 2019 is a noisy world, and it’s increasingly difficult to cut through the noise to generate new business. The internet has granted us all an incessant avalanche of content – notifications from friends living their best lives, breaking news that’s interrupted by more breaking news. More more more. 

AND, as if it wasn’t noisy enough, we’re all retiring to our own, unique information silos. Our social media accounts and overall experience on the internet are catered to us. We see what we want to see, and we see less of what we don’t want to see. 

This a good thing and a terrible thing. It’s good because we can find information that we want immediately, and we can wrap ourselves in our special world of information. It’s terrible because we’re not as often exposed to ideas we don’t like, but might be legitimate. 

An IMS is a strategy for effectively standing out in the avalanche of the Information Age. 

Why do I enjoy this work? 

‘m fascinated by the idea of information in today’s world. How does it move? How are people influenced? How do people decipher what’s true and what’s not when it’s moving so fast?

Businesses are increasingly sources of original, helpful information. Huge corporations are developing insightful content to generate traffic to their website, where visitors might be inclined to sign-up or buy. It’s a new kind of advertising. 

I enjoy helping companies think through the rationale of promotion, advertising, and growth. 

Truthfully, is easy to do my job poorly and make it appear that I’m doing well by overwhelming business owners with metrics and spinning a story around them. There are too many numbers and too many buzzwords and too much noise in this field. I enjoy simplifying it and identifying the best strategy for growth online – navigating the avalanche.

I've worked with Bill on a two projects for different organizations and he holds a unique ability to quickly understand the organization's objectives and behaviors and then efficiently apply his broad skillset of marketing and communication tactics; writing, humor, design, and development across any medium. 

Rarely have I worked with someone who so naturally sets aside his ego, agenda, or bias to accomplish goals. Please feel free to contact me for specific examples or to hear more positive insights.
Joey Robinson
Marketing Manager
Bill is the best asset I could have hoped for. He has a diverse range of experience from marketing to technical set-up of tools to optimization of sales funnels. 

I wish to recommend him to anyone in need of fast, pragmatic help backed from real in-field expertise.
Dario Zampetti
Founder, Principal
Bill is more like a business partner than a consultant. He understands my service (even though it is quite technical), and has gotten to know my market. He has maximized our work time together, prioritizing his tasks more effectively than I could have. And in a very short amount of time, he increased the click-through rate of my ad campaign from less than 1% to well over 10%. As important as all the preceding, to me, is that Bill is a pleasure to work with. Professional and informal. I can't recommend him highly enough.
Dave Krinkel
Founder, Energy Ai

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