User Acquisition and Web Strategy

User Acquisition

Cost-effective customer acquisition is a matter of understanding your options and how to experiment with each of them. An option could be ‘free’ (content) or paid (ads). We can get you up and running on all of the popular platforms – AdWords, Facebook, AdRoll, MailChimp – and in those places unique to your startup  – niche forums, Groups, etc. We’ll map the field, sketch a plan, set a budget and make adjustments as each campaign reports feedback in the form of conversions, clicks, and other fun, meaningful numbers. 

Search Ads can present awesome opportunities. I’ll help you find the ‘goldmine’ keywords and you can milk them for all their worth. 

I like using third-party tools like AdSpresso to manage Social campaigns. It makes A/B testing a breeze. Also, if you’re building a large e-mail list, ‘look-a-like’ audiences can be powerful additions to any Social campaign. 

I use Google Display and AdRoll for remarketing. I like to run at least 5 ad sets with each campaign – let the winner emerge over time. If you’re getting into remarketing, you’re probably at the stage where a Tag Manager (GTM, for example) makes sense for managing snippets on your site. Ask me about it if you’re not already using one. 

Startups build content – sometimes articles, sometimes tools, sometimes podcasts, etc. – to be helpful. The hope is that, by being helpful, they’ll win the attention and accounts of new customers. I’ve learned that unless you’re prepared to build the best content for your audience, you shouldn’t bother. Quality over quantity. How do you know what quality looks like? Let’s talk. 

The #1 mistake I see young companies make is not setting up proper tracking and reporting for their paid campaigns. An ad is an investment. In return for a small budget, you get customers (maybe) and knowledge – what’s working and what’s not? If you don’t have analytics, you don’t have knowledge. 

Web Strategy

With so many to-do’s on your marketing list, where do you begin? Analytics? A paid campaign? What type of paid campaign? We’ll take a step back and map out a marketing strategy that doesn’t leave your business with thick arms and chicken legs. This could include implementing new tools, putting others on hold, or bringing in specialized freelance talent – designers, video editors, writers, developers. Whatever strategy we agree on, I can connect you with talented freelancers to help execute. 

SEO gets a lot of heat these days. I admit it’s often not the most important element, but it’s certainly not worthless. You should always be mindful of SEO, especially if you’re creating a large amount of content. 

Ads these days come in all shapes and sizes – Gmail ads, thin ads, fat ads, video ads, smart ads – you get the point. We’ll create a plan to meet your objectives. 

I’m not a designer, but I can tell you when it’s time to find one. Poor designs will hinder the performance of ads, landing pages, and pretty much every other element of your campaign. I can connect you with designers and help manage their work. 

What should be on your website? What should the structure of your website be? Are your pages optimized for conversion? We’ll answer these and more. 

I’m a fan of speaking with customers to learn about your business. I don’t think they get enough credit – they’re smart and they know what they like. We’ll schedule interviews, conduct them, and digest the many pages of notes from our conversations. 

I've worked with Bill on a two projects for different organizations and he holds a unique ability to quickly understand the organization's objectives and behaviors and then efficiently apply his broad skillset of marketing and communication tactics; writing, humor, design, and development across any medium. 

Rarely have I worked with someone who so naturally sets aside his ego, agenda, or bias to accomplish goals. Please feel free to contact me for specific examples or to hear more positive insights.
Joey Robinson
Marketing Manager
Bill is the best asset I could have hoped for. He has a diverse range of experience from marketing to technical set-up of tools to optimization of sales funnels. 

I wish to recommend him to anyone in need of fast, pragmatic help backed from real in-field expertise.
Dario Zampetti
Founder, Principal
Bill is more like a business partner than a consultant. He understands my service (even though it is quite technical), and has gotten to know my market. He has maximized our work time together, prioritizing his tasks more effectively than I could have. And in a very short amount of time, he increased the click-through rate of my ad campaign from less than 1% to well over 10%. As important as all the preceding, to me, is that Bill is a pleasure to work with. Professional and informal. I can't recommend him highly enough.
Dave Krinkel
Founder, Energy Ai

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