Community-driven lists for Philadelphians

Community-driven lists for Philadelphians

with only the hottest lists and links

What is this site?

Welcome to Bill’s Philly Links – shoes off, come in. This is an assortment of information hand-picked to help you get the most of your time in Philly. I want to help you find community and experiences. I’m weak and lazy, so for keeping this information accurate I rely on you strangers. You can leave comments on the Google Sheets or drop a suggestion / correction in the submission box on any of the pages below.

What’s up in Philadelphia now? Latest Tweets from all businesses in…. Rittenhouse Square

How to meet people in Philadelphia – Article – (long article with only the hottest links)

List of restaurants / bars with regular live music in Philadelphia – List – (notice one missing? drop it in the submission box on that page)

Where to find stuff to do today in Philadelphia – List – (music, arts – organized into the typical list, with only the hottest links)

Where to experience other cultures in Philadelphia – Map – (see one missing? drop it in submission box on that page – include nation: ‘Angeloni’s Restaurante – Italy’, for example)

Find Coworking space in Philadelphia – Google Sheet – (see an error, leave comment on the Google Sheet)

Be professional in Philadelphia – Google Sheet – (error? something missing? leave comment on Google Sheet)

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