E-mail Automation

E-mail Automation

Hands-Free E-mail

Hands-Free E-mailing

Popular e-mail clients or CRMs enable companies to automate e-mails. The automated e-mail could be triggered in response to activity on the website, changes to the subscriber data, timed intervals or other catalysts. Here are three popular use cases for e-mail automation:

1. A new subscriber will receive a follow-up e-mail three days after joining a list.
2. A subscriber will receive a coupon via e-mail after visiting a particular page on your website.
3. A subscriber will receive a Thank You note via e-mail after submitting a form or making a purchase.

Mailchimp Automations let you send subscribers e-mails based on their activity on your website, changes to their data, and more.

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Develop newsletters or pre-set templates for future e-mails.

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See how your e-mails are performing and contributing to the company’s overall performance.

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Frequently asked Automation

A setup fee. Setup time can vary. I’ll charge a fixed per hour fee and track my time through Timely.

At the basic level, most companies are adopting automation to manage tasks that either tend to fall through the cracks or are simply too monotonous to bear any longer. E-mail Automation is very popular right now. When a subscriber joins a new list, companies will send them staggered follow-ups without ever touching send. Opportunities for automation are endless at this point. If you want something automated but aren’t sure if it can be, just ask.

I can set you up with one. Look no further than the software review site G2 to see the plethora of e-mail and CRM systems available. I’ll help you scout and implement a new system, and then we can setup the automations.

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