Our Take on Development

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  • Content for content’s sake is a bad idea. You should aspire to contribute to an audience and always with a tangible goal in mind.
  • A helpful metric for measuring the quality of your content is return-on-time. For every second that somebody spends with your content, how much value do they get? Run-on commercials are the worst. Concise sentences are the best. Say what you need to say and no more.
  • Companies are empires of specialized brainpower. The trick is mining it and turning it to something your audience can appreciate.

Development Services



We write to get the message across – nothing fancy.

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Before we develop anything, we explore the field to learn how you might contribute where others have not.

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Guides, reports or one-pagers should be easy to digest.

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Frequently asked in Content

Typically I charge per piece, but if it’s a long-term commitment we can set some more sensible terms.

Ideally between 750 – 1,250 words. They can just as easily be more or fewer.

The knowledge is in your heads, not mine. Though I’ll be the one to write the content, the insights will be yours. I’ll spend a few minutes on the phone with whoever is best equipped to address a particular topic before developing any content. The call will be recorded and any follow-up questions I have for the person can be answered quickly via e-mail. The idea is to extract the best knowledge from your team in the shortest possible time.  

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