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Nobody experiences your content in a silo. Your content complements whatever already exists. Before we do anything, we scour the field to learn what’s out there. How can you fill in the gaps or build on what’s been successful in the past?

Solar Coaster

Free Report: Content for U.S. Solar Installers

  • How are solar installers using content?
  • How are homeowners using installer content to inform their decisions?
  • How are agencies, lead generation sites, and non-profits contributing solar content?


Property owners are spoiled with solar information: HomeAdvisor, EnergySage, and similar platforms provide price-comparison tools and bid listings for property owners everywhere. With last month’s electric bill and your home address, you can get rough estimates of future cost savings using tools like Google Project Sunroof. The States have estimate tools, too. Complex government information, like tax credits and net metering policies, is boiled down and distributed by partnerships, associations, and foundations. Most solar rebates & incentives are indexed online in the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency. The database comes complete with an API to share that data everywhere else. Big fishies – Tesla / SolarCity – develop even more helpful tools & information. Speaking of tools, tool aggregators (and while we’re at it, solar installer aggregators). Equipment & warranty ratings are a click away. Even complementary information, like electricity prices, is available online. Plus, solar is always in the news – Gigafactory, tariff, new records.

Property owners who are interested in having solar installed can have fairly accurate cost-savings estimates, future utility bill savings data, a familiarity with current federal, state and city incentives, and a job listed for nearby installers to bid on in less than an hour. By the time an installer contacts you, you’ll have a working knowledge of what they will likely ask and be prepared to answer. If knowledge is power, property owners are, like, the sun or something.

For property owners in that environment, as commenter Beasley7 put it in the EnergySage forum, “If you remove the hype from the salespeople and ignore the grandiose claims of the marketing people, you can make an informed and profitable decision.”

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Frequently asked in Content

Typically I charge per piece, but if it’s a long-term commitment we can set some more sensible terms.

Ideally between 750 – 1,250 words. They can just as easily be more or fewer.

The knowledge is in your heads, not mine. Though I’ll be the one to write the content, the insights will be yours. I’ll spend a few minutes on the phone with whoever is best equipped to address a particular topic before developing any content. The call will be recorded and any follow-up questions I have for the person can be answered quickly via e-mail. The idea is to extract the best knowledge from your team in the shortest possible time.  

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