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Communities, forums, groups – some online outlets are free to post to. These outlets often won’t perform as well as paid alternatives, but they’re free. If you’re not using them, you’re not doing everything you can to promote your content. Each piece of content should have a checklist for free promotion. The list can be as simple as a list of links in a Word document. Each time a new piece is published it should be posts to each link on the list. We’ll create that list for you by finding the appropriate free outlets for each type of content.

A Tip for Local Businesses

Local businesses can mostly get away without paid campaigns because their audience is small and platforms like Yelp, Google, and Instagram were designed to help nearby audiences find them. As mentioned, it’s really a matter of just checking the boxes. Is your Yelp profile claimed? Are you set up on Google My Business? Are you claimed on FourSquare? Anywhere your business could be discovered or found should look nice and show accurate information – hours of operation, phone number, address, etc. Here is a good guide to “optimizing” your Google My Business page as a local business. The same can be done for platforms like Yelp and Facebook.

Complementary Services



If you’ve developed downlaodables to capture leads, PPC might be a viable way to draw traffic. Learn More



Paid distribution will take your word further and it doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Learn More



Remarketing might be a cost-effective way to follow up with segments of visitors once they’ve left your website.

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Frequently asked in Distribution

An ongoing fee (month-to-month) for managing your distribution. 

With the Free service, you’re paying for the time it takes me to identify the proper outlets and post there regularly. 

If it makes sense for you to have a presence on any one of these or some other platform, we’ll create the profile for you. Most of the time it’s a simple two or three step process to get your profile up and running. On some services, like Google My Business at the time of this writing, it can take up to a week to claim and setup a profile if you request your confirmation code through the mail. That is not the norm, and Google does provide alternatives to receive your code much faster. 

You might not. If you’re audience is small enough and your team is well networked through LinkedIn or other platforms already, you can probably get away with just posting it or messaging it to influencers directly. For most companies, though, the target audience is large enough that it warrants some planning for distribution. 

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