Free Events in Philadelphia Today

Free Events in Philadelphia Today

Philadelphia’s venues promote their events on a dozen different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Eventbrite, etc.), so there is no one place to find everything that’s happening for free in the city today. You have to jump around. Below I tried to create the best list of links for you, with a short explanation of what types of free events you can find there.

For example, at Facebook Events (here is the link for Facebook Events Today in Philadelphia), you’ll find the most comprehensive list of free events in the city today. At the PhillyFunGuide, when you sort by Free, you’ll find free events related to art and music, but this list is more limited than Facebook Events. Now, for the list:

Start Here

  • Reddit To Do in Philadelphia: If you haven’t checked here yet, this should be your first stop. It has a #freeandcheap section. This guide provides all of the links and information you need to find something interesting. Doesn’t stay current with every day’s events, but is probably the best list to refer to to find venues / places with free stuff.
  • Next (and this is linked on the Reddit page) is this massive list of free things to do from Uncovering PA. After you’ve spent both of those, move on to these links below.

The Rest

Gonna throw in one of my own here that I don’t see mentioned often: The Rare Book Department at Philadelphia Library’s Central Branch. It’s on the third floor and you have to leave your bags with security. There are shelves and displays of rare books – journals from Dickens, etc. – that you won’t find anywhere else. Worth stopping in.

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