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Content Strategy

Content strategies are usually developed to help a company or person become an authority or expert in their field. If they’re well known and their opinion respected, the rationale goes, opportunities for new business will follow. 

On the other hand, “content” is ambiguous and sometimes expensive. Who’s seeing it? How is it really contributing? In other words – how do you track it? Depending on the nature of your sales cycle it could be pretty much impossible to track content’s contribution precisely. It’s usually valued or validated when customers tell you it is. I don’t think content is for everyone, but when you’re in an industry – like consulting – with so much like-minded competition, content can be one way to shine.

This B2B consulting company already had a podcast running when I joined. My role was to help them refine their content’s focus and define audiences for targeting. Over two years, we developed dozens of articles, nearly 100 original podcast episodes, and an event to establish the firm as a thought leader in their corporate consulting niche. The event recorded more than 30 hours of original content. 

Output Resource Library for clients, Over 100 original podcast episodes, 30+ hours of original video on corporate innovation, Dozens of articles

What's in a Content Strategy?

By Bill McBride

Coming soon.

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