Larger companies sometimes prefer to work with agencies. Others prefer freelance teams. I’m a freelancer, and the people I work with are small (1-3 people) freelance teams, too. Partly because we have less bandwidth than agencies, freelancers don’t get as many bat-signals for new work & we’re harder to dig up online. Sometimes the right people are easy to find and hire, sometimes they’re not.

For companies in the Philadelphia / Delaware / New York / New Jersey area, I’m happy to connect you with other freelancers that I rely on and trust. Shoot me a message with your project and I’ll give you my 2 cents on who can help.

A note on Remote Work

It’s not uncommon anymore. There are are a number of sites for remote workers to find full-time and contract positions. Still, the dynamic of working with remote teams or workers is sometimes misunderstood. I wrote this for a SaaS startup in Oslo a couple of years back: “Working with Remote Teams“. Since then I’ve had some more experience and have a couple notes to add…

If you’re hiring someone remotely, prefer that they have experience working that way in the past. For me, and others I’ve spoken to, remote work is its own skill. For starters, remote workers have to learn to:

  • Separate¬†work from home when the temptation to work from home is there every day.
  • Regularly communicate with people you never see or meet without forgetting they’re people. Meaning, be able to maintain a healthy relationship with your team, not just a productive one. Communicating effectively with a face you almost never see and have no prior experience with is hard.

Collaborative software and messaging apps designed for remote teams are sometimes amazing. E-mail sucks, so anything that keeps us off of that back-and-forth is a plus, but these apps can quickly become as intrusive as an e-mail inbox if you don’t set some rules on them. After you hire the person, have a good, long conversation about how they prefer to communicate. Get them on a video call and get them honest. It’ll only improve the work and everyone involved will be happier down the line.

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