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Bill McBride

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I'm new around here. What do you do?

HomeAdvisor, Houzz, Porch, Yelp, EnergySage, Angie’s List, 

Why Content?

If you need to communicate, you need content. Content has always been a natural output of an organization, but only with the internet did it become a tireless buzzword. I enjoy producing quality content for business audiences because the writing needs to be concise and to the point. That’s my preferred style. See Content Services

Are you an Agency?

No, though “the output of an agency at the price of a freelancer” is something I’m tempted to promote. But the fact is I can’t produce the output of an agency. They are skilled teams with dedicated offices and overhead. I’m just one guy in a shared office space, and my services are priced to reflect my simple life. 

Why Advertising?

I like good advertising. It’s nice to be able to track and adjust your ads, to read the metric dashboards and see small improvements over time. I hate commercials, personally – I pay for Spotify Premium and cut my cable years ago. Advertising is changing. I want to help companies move away from the interruptive, unhelpful advertising of old, and adopt the more effective online advertising strategies of today (without invading anyone’s privacy). See Advertising Services

Where are you located?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But the era of remote work has attracted clients from Oslo, Nebraska, and London. I am well versed in Skype, Slack, and the gamut of remote collaboration tools. If you’re on the internet, we can work together.


Why Automation?

I like to work with small teams or young companies. Their bandwidth is limited. Automation tools provide free added bandwidth by taking care of everyday tasks like following up or syncing data. If it’s a monotonous task and can be automated, it should be. Today, with tools like Zapier, you’ll be surprised to learn what’s possible in automation. I know I’ve been impressed to watch its development and want to be involved as new possibilities continue to emerge. See Automation Services

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