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Property owners are spoiled with solar information: HomeAdvisor, EnergySage, and similar platforms provide price-comparison tools and bid listings for property owners everywhere. With last month’s electric bill and your home address, you can get rough estimates of future cost savings using tools like Google Project Sunroof. The States have estimate tools, too. Complex government information, like tax credits and net metering policies, is boiled down and distributed by partnerships, associations, and foundations. Most solar rebates & incentives are indexed online in the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency. The database comes complete with an API to share that data everywhere else. Big fishies – Tesla / SolarCity – develop even more helpful tools & information. Speaking of tools, tool aggregators (and while we’re at it, solar installer aggregators). Equipment & warranty ratings are a click away. Even complementary information, like electricity prices, is available online. Plus, solar is always in the news – Gigafactory, tariff, new records.

Property owners who are interested in having solar installed can have fairly accurate cost-savings estimates, future utility bill savings data, a familiarity with current federal, state and city incentives, and a job listed for nearby installers to bid on in less than an hour. By the time an installer contacts you, you’ll have a working knowledge of what they will likely ask and be prepared to answer. If knowledge is power, property owners are, like, the sun or something.

For property owners in that environment, as commenter Beasley7 put it in the EnergySage forum, “If you remove the hype from the salespeople and ignore the grandiose claims of the marketing people, you can make an informed and profitable decision.”

clean energy offer

automate repeating tasks

An Offer for Both Residential & Commercial Clean Energy Companies

automate repeating tasks


automate repeating tasks

Clean Energy companies can have a new website - full with proper tracking setup, SEO structure, and original copy - for 50% off the original price with any 6-month commitment to Google Adwords services. The minimum AdWords budget - not including my fee - is $1,000 per month. The package delivers a healthy online foundation for any company in solar, wind, or related space.


Why Clean Energy?

Property owners aren’t as informed as they could be and regional clean energy companies can inform them best. Secondary reasons: I’m interested in clean energy and the cost-per-aquisition for residential installers is too high. I think it can be lowered significantly. 

Is there a limit to the size of my website?

Yes, for this deal: 20 pages. The limit is the same if I’m writing all of the copy myself or if it’s already been written on another site and I’m moving it over. 

Why AdWords?

In my conversations with clean energy companies thus far, AdWords is a popular platform but it’s often not utilized properly. I think with a properly structured and well-written website, there’s an opportunity for companies to sit atop the Google AdWords rankings in their region without breaking the bank. Also, I’m comfortable in AdWords and have come to enjoy the setup process more lately. 

Why SEO?

SEO has a slimy reputation. I promise it’s not worthless. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making information findable. That could mean developing content to be found, or structuring your website to be easily searchable. SEO alleviates the friction between your audience and the information they need. I think it’s too often shelved or written off as a lesser concern. It’s part of your company’s foundation online and should be treated as such. 

Are you a member of SEIA or similar associations?

No, but I have spoken with representatives of these associations to help inform this offer and better understand the environment for clean energy companies.

Why the 6-month Minimum?

It will take me 6 months to properly test and learn from each platform. Plus, I’m just not interested in laying a new foundation and then leaving it behind when it gets up and running.

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