28 Marketing-related Tips for Landscapers

How I’d Build My Landscaping Business in 2019 (28 ideas)


Below are two lists:

  • Where I’d Start: These are the technologies I would pick if I were starting a landscaping company today. They make life easy or give me the best chance at the largest number of customers for the best price.
  • 28 Ideas: All promotional ideas – online and offline – that I suggest (left out a number that I don’t encourage – car flyers, newsletter, etc.).

Most landscapers don’t do well with the Web because they don’t have to. Enough business comes through word of mouth that it can be avoided. If you do want more business from the Web, these lists are for you.

I threw in some indispensables (trailer wraps, yard signs, etc.) and a list of offline promotional ideas (service company partnerships, new neighborhood group discounts, how to promote your referral program, etc.).

Where I’d Start

  • WordPress for the website: download one of these themes for $50 – don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Drift for Live Chat on the website – ‘Hi, welcome to ‘My Business’. I’m ‘Me’. Leave a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.’
  • Google Analytics – one-time installation, free forever, gives you important insights that you might need down the road.
  • AdRoll for remarketing – $1 per day budget to retarget all web visitors.
  • CRM – list of top-rated CRMs for Landscapers – automate alerts to customers like appointment notices and invoicing, enable online payments, and more. Popular CRMs will integrate with WordPress.
  • Microsoft Word Templates for small-scale mailings (use nice paper, include your business card in the envelope)
  • Direct mailing / door hangings / yard signs from your local creative company
  • Trailer Wraps and branded sweatshirts, shirts, hats, whatever else
  • Sign up for Google Local Service – ‘Book Local Jobs and Grow Your Business
  • Setup profiles on Yelp, Thumbtack, Porch, Houzz, and NextDoor
  • Be personally active on NextDoor 
  • Have a professional photographer take 20-50 images of before-and-afters – spread this over 1 month with the permission of the customers – don’t have to do it every year, just once
  • Consider HomeAdvisor / Angie’s List if you have the budget and a team that can effectively communicate

28 Promotional Ideas for Landscapers in 2019


  • Sign up for Google Local Service – ‘Book Local Jobs and Grow Your Business
  • Craigslist posts in your area – free but annoying, and does attract spam
  • Google Display campaigns for blast your zip code online – sign up for AdWords, create a display campaign, target by zip code. If you don’t know how to make banner ads, sign up for one month of RelayThat ($29) and follow the instructions to make a few dozen – you can use these same few dozen for years.
  • Reddit ads to blast an offer in your city – create Reddit account, go to advertisements, select city and write brief ad (be sure to mention city name in the ad)
  • Squarespace or WordPress for a cheap, nice website – SS is easier, WP is more robust – don’t reinvent the wheel, just use a Landscaping theme that somebody else already built
  • Set up profiles on Yelp, Thumbtack, Porch, Houzz, and NextDoor – Create profile, Claim your business, make sure the hours are correct, name is spelled right, etc. – people are on these platforms and looking for your service. If you create a profile, you have a chance to be found. There’s no good reason not to – you don’t have to advertise, just claim your business and clean it up.
  • Facebook Lead Form Ad – A type of Facebook ad that collects the user’s name and e-mail quickly, without them having to leave the platform. You can promote an offer and cap it. Once x people submit their names and information, the offer stops running on FB.
  • Remarket to all web visitors – follow all people who have visited your website with a set of ads. You can do this by using Adroll or Google.
  • Facebook Display – target homeowners in your service areas over a certain age (35?)
  • HomeAdvisor – HomeAdvisor leads can be expensive, but it’s popular with landscapers. If you’re using HA – always call the lead, e-mail the lead, and message the lead through HA whenever work is requested.
  • Search Campaigns on AdWords for specific city or county (not all areas) – you’ll break the bank if you target a wide area with a generic message. Target one city and one service (tree trimming, grass cutting) and write ads like Tree Trimming Pros in Philadelphia, etc. Landscapers generally don’t like AdWords because they don’t have the tracking in place to prove its worth, and don’t put the time into landing pages to make the campaigns as effective as they should be.
  • NextDoor mentions – be active in NextDoor and whenever somebody asks for landscaping work, mention your shop.
  • LiveChat for any site visitors – don’t lose people who come to your site, give them an easier way to leave a message 


  • People don’t want to see your logo, so put it on items people buy frequently and give them away: pens, ziploc bags, tape – $.14 for each pen ($.08 for the cheap ones, spend the extra 6)
  • Add referral note to the bottom of all of your bill –  ‘next *whatever* free if a friend mentions you’ – remind them when they’re paying (software companies do this on their invoicing e-mails – ‘share this link to refer a friend and skip next month’s bill’)
  • Newspaper ads – make a list of five local papers, call each and get prices. Might be cheap.
  • Trailer wraps – one of the three Landscaper Essentials (along with yard signs and door flyers). People see you on the road and parked out front while doing the work at a residence.
  • Post flyers to bulletin boards in coffee shops, public libraries
  • Business cards with schedule of current local sports team on the back (Eagles in football season, etc.)
  • Dog poo bags for holidays to any client with a dog ($17 for 60 on Amazon)
  • Offer for others on street when one neighbor uses you. With their permission. – Create new Word Document, add your logo to the header, write short note about ‘Stacy has been a customer for 1 year, all of her neighbors get this coupon’, print on high-quality paper, drop in the mailbox of 5-7 neighbors next time you’re at Stacy’s.
  • Partnerships  – Reach out to larger service companies to be a preferred partner / make them a preferred partner. Put together a one-page coupon book of all of your customers to share with each customer once per year (non-competitive partnerships only).
  • Practical loyalty gifts – it doesn’t matter if it’s related to landscaping, so long as it’s a pain in the butt to go buy and an absolute necessity for anybody with a home. Put together a ‘practical box’ – stamps, pins, etc. – again, things you hate to buy but have to
  • Sponsor Church Flyers, Little Leagues, and Local Camps – organizations people really care about and could use the cash.
  • Group discounts for neighborhoods – direct mailing to new neighborhood with 0 customers promoting ‘$x off if x people join by x date.’
  • Sponsor community notice from non-profits (cover cost) – Organizations with important messages but low budgets could use a hand. Cover the cost of a batch of flyers / direct mail – make their message the highlight, but add your logo as the sponsor and attach a small offer
  • Mail Flyers, Door flyers, Yard signs – yada yada yada


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