Improve your web presence in 2 hours or your money back.
A remote digital marketing workshop.

In < 2 hours

Review your strategy for every marketing-related tool. Paid ad channels, Analytics platforms, e-mail lists, website content and more. 

Discuss possible changes that could boost the performance of each tool. 

Discuss alternative tools that might be worth implementing. 

Walk away with a list of recommendations and insights.

About the Walkthrough

It’s difficult to stay abreast of the latest opportunities on the web. Features are added to popular platforms, new tools are released  – little improvements can slip through the cracks if you’re not watching closely. 

I’m here to keep watch so you don’t have to. 

Over two hours, we’ll walk through the marketing tools, platforms, and software your team is utilizing and talk through how each might be improved. We’ll connect through Google Hangouts, I’ll share my screen with you, and we’ll all follow along. You can bring as many friends as you’d like. 

It’s like a check-up. We’ll check your website and any third-party tools you use to support it – Adwords, AdRoll, HotJar, Analytics, Zendesk, Intercom, MailChimp, Search Console, Tag Managers, Facebook, WordPress plugins – anything related to marketing or advertising. 

Here are a few points I take note of on particular platforms: 

  • Analytics: what are we tracking?
  • Ads: Are the campaigns well designed?
  • Content: Are there opportunities for new content?
  • Mailchimp: How is the list segmented?

After our walkthrough, I’ll send a summary of recommended changes and best practices.

If you’re unhappy when it’s all said and delivered, you get your money back. Not no questions asked – I will ask why.

For an optional thirty minute add-on we can collaborate to sketch your business model on the Business Model Canvas – a healthy exercise, especially for younger companies. 

Interested in a guaranteed web upgrade? Let’s talk.


I’ll have your team join a Google Hangout when the meeting is set to begin. For those who aren’t familiar, Google Hangouts are free video conferences. You can follow along on your computer or call-in on a dedicated line. 


Unfortunately I can only do these in-person if your team is in either Philadelphia or NYC, but even then conferencing is still preferred. With the Screenshare you’ll be able to follow along on your own laptop, sit on your own couch – it’s just a better way. 


Interested in learning more?

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