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It’s important that the information in your reports is accurate. You might want to know what your visitors are doing when they’re on your page, how they’re interacting with the content, or which outlets are most effective at converting readers or viewers to subscribers or leads. It depends on your goals and priorities. We’ll get your analytics squared away.

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Analytics make you a smarter investor in PPC campaigns.

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Analytics are the lifeblood of reports. 

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Analytics will tell you how effective each free channel is at driving valuable traffic.

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Frequently asked in Tracking

Tracking provides feedback. Feedback is intelligence. If you’re investing $1 in an ad and don’t have tracking set up, you’re not getting your best return. Every dollar spent is a potential lesson learned. You won’t learn without tracking.

It depends on the project, but some of the more popular metrics are Conversion Rate, Cost-per-Click, and trends in referrals, costs, or similar numbers. You’ll probably want to know your return from your advertising investment and see how people are behaving on your website once they visit from different sources. 

Starting today is better than postponing until tomorrow. We’ll get you squared away regardless of how long you’ve gone without it. 

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